The cultural shift in human relationships and thoughts towards animals led to the acceptance and creation of pet toys. Pets like cats and dogs were seen as domestic animals. They were not reared for any industrial purposes, nor were they man's companions until there began to be a change in the mindset of people towards cats and dogs. 

These animals that were usually not let into the house were allowed to go indoors. Sooner, deeper interactions began to happen between pets and animals. These interactions have led us to where we are today. 

About pet stores, George Larson, the director of the University of Oxford Paleogenomics, said pet toys don't particularly have a history like how we have the history of the world, culture, and marriages. He explained in a magazine as an answer to a question that pets started taking on more roles in human society over the decade. Still, there is no specific point when that change is said, to prove further how long the cat domestication process has been.

Cat, as one of the lovely pets’ humans rare, are expected to have toys like other domestic animals. In order to ensure that cats are well trained like other pets in households, the different cat toys are explained below with their purposes:

Interactive toys: These toys make cats significantly stimulated. They are toys that inspire cats to run, chase and find hidden items. Interactive puzzle toys provide mental stimulation also, and they include balls. 

 Catnip toys: Catnip toys are toys that have Catnip mint in them. Catnip can bring out varied responses in your cat, like having sudden bursts of energy, eating, smelling, and rolling in toys laced with Catnip. It can also make them relaxed or induce a nap in the cat. Why does Catnip do this to cats? It's because it's a mint with nepetalactone, an essential oil that can cause neurological stimulation in cats. 

However, it is essential to note that cats aged four to six months can't react to Catnip because their sensitivity is not mature enough to recognize it. It isn't all cats that respond to cats. 

Households’ items: Cats are naturally curious animals and would often be found playing or tugging with a random object. The home is naturally filled with many items, some of which are within reach of a cat. If it is immovable, they drag, chew, and swallow. So, household items like twine, paper, rubber bands, string, buttons, ribbon, tissue, balloons, aluminum foil, tinsel, etc., can become playing objects for cats. They're mostly harmful, so they should be kept out of the reach of the animals because they can chew and swallow these objects that can get entangled in their stomach, thereby leading to a surgery. 

For electrical objects like cords, get cord protectors to prevent your cat from chewing and getting electrocuted or burned. 

Easyology amazing roller: This is a classic game that mimics a prey movement to make your cats chase after them. It has no risk involved whatsoever, so it is safe to leave your cats at home with this toy. 

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys: The toy will inspire the cat's predatory instinct and make it very active. The toys come in other designs like the fish and bird so that a customer can substitute the mice toys for any of the others. It also comes in a pack with three Catnips pieces. 

Munchie cats sushi toys: This toy is meant to be chewed by cats. It is not edible but looks so real it might be mistaken for the real ones. 


Cat Beds: Cats are sensitive creatures and can easily catch feelings so attuned to their environment that it directly affects them. They can get anxious and can even become frustrated based on what is going on around them or how they are interacted with. 

It would take a very attentive person to notice these changes in cats because they are very good at hiding their feelings. After all, it makes them more vulnerable given where they came from. Cats originated from an independent species of animals called the Eastern African wildcat. These species don't show weaknesses because it makes them an easy target in the jungle, and as such, cats don't show their weaknesses. 

Stress in cats can lead to physical illnesses or attitudinal behavior. So, it is essential to know what the stress pointers in your cat are, so it's taken care of as soon as possible. The sooner your cat is taken care of, the better for you.

One of the things that can cause stress is the lack of crucial resources such as feed, shelter, amenities. One of such amenities is a cat bed. 

Providing your cat with a bed makes provision for lots of benefits. Before I talk about the benefits, I want you to think about how you'd feel if you slept on the floor every night or if you slept on a very uncomfortable bed? You tend to wake up in a bad mood that might disrupt your day, then the rest of the health disadvantages like back pain, arthritis, etc. All because you didn't sleep well. Now put a cat in your position. 

See now; the same consideration should be given to a cat. In that manner, I'd like to highlight the benefits of a cat bed.

Comfort: a good bed equals comfort and peace of mind, plus the fact that the proper cat bed helps with the appropriate distribution of pet weight.

Counters skin problems: direct contact of the skin with the floor can cause skin problems such as rashes and ulcers for big dogs with short hairs.

Special spot: sometimes, pets like to have a location that solely belongs to them. A place they retreat to whenever they want, a place of abode. These kinds of areas make them feel safe and protected.

1: Cat Clothes
Clothes also protect cats. While you should wear your cat's clothes, some cats never wear clothes, and some cat owners never wear their cat clothes. Cat clothes are an accessory that should be invested in. Naturally, cat clothes provide warmth, protection, and beautification for cats. More cat owners should adopt clothing for their cats. 

    And there's a wide range to pick from. There are accessories such as the bandanna, confetti, hat, and many more. All these serve various purposes

    2: Outdoor Cat Houses
    While discussing cats and their favorite spots, outdoor cat houses are the next focus. Cats, being domestic pets, would sometimes crave outdoor ambiance. Being outdoors can increase their enthusiasm. Creating an outdoor house for your cat can increase happiness and confidence. However, pets shouldn't be allowed to stay outdoors when the weather is too hot or too cold. 

    Apart from providing outdoor houses as a mode of accommodation for your cat, it can also be an abode for neighbor cats with no place to stay so they can keep warm. 

    When building a cat house, you need to use sturdy materials that will not deteriorate quickly. The cat house must also meet your cat's needs. Here are a few options for outdoor homes:

    ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House (Misc.): It is made explicitly for feral cats. If you've got feral cats in your neighborhood you'd like to get houses for; this is your best bet. 

    Heated cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter: Similar to the feral cat house listed above but provides Hest for cats and is of better quality. 

    Automatic Cat Feeders
    Cat feeders are lifesavers. They are a mechanism that automatically dispenses food for your cat. An automatic cat feeder is a solution, especially for busy pet owners who do not enjoy feeding their cats conscientiously.

    Benefits of Automatic Cat Feeders
    Cats normally associate the owner with food because whenever it gets hungry, and it meows, the owner will get food for it. Cats are quick to show their displeasure whenever they are hungry. If it is at 4, 5, or 6 am, they'll wake the owner with loud meows, and you wouldn't have any option other than to wake up and feed the cat because it wouldn't stop meowing. This can be prevented if you've got an automatic cat feeder. It gives you the freedom to wake up whenever you want to. It provides food at minimal yet convenient portions without any assistance needed from you. With this, you can sleep for as long as you want to with no disturbance whatsoever.

    2: You can travel safely or go on trips without constantly thinking about your cat and how it would fare with the huge bowl of food you left for it. Cats usually like to eat a lot. So, if you want to go on a journey or be out all through the day, and you leave a bowl of food, the cat wouldn't know to eat the food sparingly, it might wolf down all of the food at once or in a few hours. But an automatic cat dispenser covers all those issues. It will dispense the food intake for the day in even portions so your cat wouldn't be overfed or underfed. You can be gone for days with your cat left at home and not be worried about it one bit. You can also put batteries in the feeder if there's a power outage; your cat wouldn't starve.

    3: Another benefit is that you can control your cat food portion. An automatic cat feeder takes the stress of measuring your cat food many times a day. You get to input the food measure you want and at what intervals. This is good for cat owners with overweight cats. The food portion can be reduced, and snack intake can be decreased too to help your cat get back in shape.

    4: With the appropriate automatic feeder, you can set food time for your cat; that is when you want your cat to eat. For example, you can select the early and late breakfast to 4 am and 9 am. For lunch and dinner, you can set the timer to 4 and 8 pm. This flexibility provides your cat with some food training. Also, some automatic cat feeders have features that allow them to be connected to phones. This may come with benefits such as controlling mealtime through your phones.