Pets are no doubt an integral part of human lives. For some, it does not matter how many companions they have in human form, a pet has to be on the list. This is not in any way surprising. After all, a dog is often referred to as man’s best friend. 

Just like the need for man to get different accessories, with a pet comes the need to acquire accessories that not only serve as clothing but also fashion statements. The dilemma arises when one finds it difficult to decide on what pet store to use especially for first-time pet owners who practically have no idea of what to get. You don’t want to get less quality pet accessories and at the same time, you don’t want a pet store that would make you spend more than you should. So, in your search of a pet store, you would want to look out for a place you can get products that suit your pet’s needs and at the same time a budget-friendly place, and all the more pleasing when that place is an online store.

Well, when it comes to pet stores, Petlostore (an online pet store for all your pets accessories tops the list). Not only can you order pet accessories at the comfort of your home, but you can also be assured of nothing less than quality. 


Wondering what sets Petlostore apart from other online pet stores? Well, there are many reasons Petlostore should be your go-to online store for everything you need for your pets. We understand how much your pets mean to you and we are all about making sure that you and your pets are as comfortable as you can be.

We are committed to providing pet products that would make your pets as happy as they can be. There is a unique design to all our products; something you might not find elsewhere. High-quality, non-toxic, and organically approved materials are our go-to materials. This is all in a bid to foster safety and provide the utmost enjoyment to your pets.

Is it pet toys, pet clothing, pet feeders, pet beds, and collars, you just name it. We are committed to ensuring the availability of all your pets’ accessories yearly. And all these you get at the best price possible. 

At our online pet store, you would get to see images of different pet products with accurate descriptions, and what you see is what you get. This is not a case of seeing, something online and getting another thing online. We also ship worldwide, thereby making our products as accessible as possible. It, therefore, does not matter what part of the world you are in, Petlostore would get to you.

At PetloStore, we are known for our responsiveness to our customers' needs. We understand that the needs of pets would keep changing every day, so, we are committed to growing in our design and modeling our products to suit your specific needs. We have a team of dynamic people working to ensure our products suit your pet's needs ideally. Irrespective of the changing needs of your pets, you should visit our online pet store. We surely have something that would suit your pet’s needs.

Our online pet store is also known for its commitment to safety. Play and adventure should always be safe: rest should be rejuvenating. Your pets should not get injured simply because of their play products neither can you stop them from playing because of your fear of them getting hurt. We ensure that all our products are such that none will put your pets in harm’s way. If it is not going to be safe for them, then we won’t make it. Safety is our guiding inspiration as we design and curate all our pet products. Our plastics are non-breakable, our furs non-shedding, and all our latches sliding and gentle, ensuring safety at all times.

Our customers can always count on our support. What kind of team would we be if we do not consider our customers? We see ourselves on a journey with our customers and we do not hesitate to walk every step of the way with our customers. We have clear, concise user manuals that explain the use and maintenance of our products in simple language. We also have an active support team that responds to all concerns, complaints, compliments, and general inquiries within 24 hours such that you will be nothing short of satisfied.

Then, there is the quality service our online pet store has come to be known for. We are bent on providing quality products alone. We make use of materials that are allergen-free and plush while maintaining sturdy support to your pet at all times. We guarantee and invest enormously in the research and design of all our products without compromising the quality. Our Online pet store is not a place to worry about not getting value for your money because you certainly.

At our online pet store, we are committed to moving with technological advancement. We do all these to provide the best service there is. Our toys are automated, easily rechargeable, flexibly controlled while offering outstanding versatility to your pet with minimal human interference. Our beds are naturally warmed, keeping the pet warm and snugly without the need for external heating.

Many of our customers keep coming back; no doubt they enjoy our excellent service. Some keep writing amazing reviews of our services while some do not hesitate to tell others about us.

There is practically no pet toy or accessory you would not find at our online pet store. And just so you know, you might be in luck getting some of our products at discounted prices.


Although it's safer to get a Pet in a physical pet store, acquiring pets online can be an enjoyable experience if a proper online store is patronized. Follow these tips to know how to get a good pet from an online property store.

Do not buy a pet without seeing it first: Make sure you see the pets you want to purchase physically. Be wary of sellers who offer only delivery options.

Consider adoption first before buying: There are reputable organizations set up for this purpose, like the RSPCA who have shelters across the country and have pets: cats and dogs inclusive of different breeds and ages available for adoption. You can visit their website for more information. 

Be sure that the website follows RSPCA guidelines for online advert and sales of pets: However, some online pet stores don't follow these guidelines but build an excellent reputation over time. Following the guidelines makes them more reputable. If you know any let store like this, do not hesitate to inform them about the policies.  

  1. Below are a few of our many products:

Dog carrier bag: Our dog carrier bags are not the regular ones. Ours are not only big enough to accommodate your dog but also strong enough to carry the weight of your pet. And yes, just by taking a walk with your dog in this carrier bag, you get to make a fashion statement as this carrier bag is good enough to make you the cynosure of all eyes. Talk about making your pet comfortable and at the same time, staying classy. 

Dog chew teeth cleaner: No matter how much attachment you have towards your dog, you would not be all clingy knowing that their mouth has been unclean for days. This is why you need the dog chew teeth cleaner from our online pet store. The dog chew teeth cleaner would help remove plagues and tartars from your dog's mouth by using natural chewing action. 

Breathable transparent cat bag: What better way to show off your beautiful cat when you think of a walk than in our breathable transparent cat bag. Not only is it a beauty itself, but it also provides the opportunity for your cats to stay secured in a bag without difficulties in breathing. Great choice, if you ask me.

Cute thickened dog clothes:
Your pets feel cold as much as you do. So, it would be unfair to overlook getting them clothes that would help them pull through the cold weather. At our online store, there are a variety of thick clothes you can pick from. You would find one that matches your pet’s style and need.
Adjustable dog leash strap: You sure would love to take a walk with your dog and not worry about them going missing. You would need an adjustable dog leash strap for this. That it is adjustable means that you can always move it to ensure that your dog is perfectly fine with it and not about to get choked by it.

Soft pet bed: While you retire for the night on that comfy bed of yours, you do not want to lay worrying about how your pet is sleeping. This is why you need to get them a soft pet bed fro. Our online store. Not only will they enjoy their sleep, you would be surprised at how rejuvenated they look the next morning. 

Pet grooming glove pair: Every pet owner needs a pair of pet grooming gloves. With this, you would help remove excess hair from your pets and they would enjoy the whole process.

Electronic pet cat fish toy: One of the toys you should get your cat is our electronic pet cat fish toy. With this, you can keep your cat busy and ready to play. 
Dog braided rope toy: Help your dogs exercise and stay fit by getting them this braided rope toy from our store. This tope would be perfect for a game of tug of war and fetch.

Dog interactive bone toy: Another way to offer your dogs the interactive, exciting, and stimulating exercise they need is by getting them an interactive bone toy from our online store.

We still have many more products in our online store. You only need to visit our website and see for yourself. You would be greeted with an array of pet products that would leave you wanting to get one after the other.