Today, PetloStore’s standards of quality are just as uncompromising as when the brand was founded. Every piece is created by artisans who have dedicated their lives to learning to make goods.

Everyone should buy high-quality products. They change lives. Really, It happens every day. Whether you’re buying your first, next, or best gadget we’re here to help and we’re different. Just like you.

We design and finish each piece with the utmost care. Everything we do starts with you. Our goal since day one has been to create a boot that is versatile, Timeless, and functional.


We are all about pets making certain that your pet feels like loyalty, plays with safety and feeds in a healthy environment. Our Vision and mission are pact of promise to your pet's well-being.


Petlo Store strives to be your one-stop hub for pet products with tailored pet accessories, toys, feeders, clothing and collars to bring joy and lasting comfort to your pet. Our products are uniquely designed, using high quality, non-toxic and organically approved materials to foster safety and utmost enjoyment to your pet. 


At Petlo Store, we are committed to ensuring all year availability of all your pets’ accessories, toys, pet clothing, pet feeders, pet beds and collars, offering you high-quality products at great pricing. You can be assured of safety, flexibility as your pets use our products with great assurance. We ship worldwide, making our products accessible to you with a money-back guarantee. Our Online shop is well designed with clear and multiple images that show you our products' natural form and structure with accurate descriptions for your reference. 



Play and adventure should always be safe: rest should be rejuvenating. Safety is our guiding inspiration as we design and curate all our pet products. Our plastics are non-breakable, our furs non-shedding and all our latches sliding and gentle, ensuring safety at all times.


In an ever-evolving world, our pet needs change every day, and we promise to keep growing in our design and modelling of our products to suit your specific need remain our priority.  Our dynamic team are keen to ensure our products suit your pet's needs ideally.


Ours with you is a journey, and we gladly walk with you every step of the way. We have clear, concise user manuals that explain the use and maintenance of our products in simple language. We have a vibrant support team that responds to all concerns. Complaints, compliments and general enquiries within 24 hours leaving you satisfied at all times


Our commitment to your pet's well-being is undying, and we are especially keen on the material, aesthetic, and functionality of all our pet toys, feeders accessories and collars to ensure your pet gets a luxurious experience at all times. We use materials that are allergen-free and plush while maintaining sturdy support to your pet at all times. We guarantee and invest enormously in the research and design of all our products without compromising the quality. 


We incorporate unmatched tech functionality in our products while maintaining a very social stature to them. Out toys are automated, easily rechargeable, flexibly controlled while offering outstanding versatility to your pet with minimal human interference. Our beds are naturally warmed, keeping the pet warm and snuggly without the need for external heating.


PetloStore’s Team